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1974 Commons

1974 Topps
1974 Topps-Traded

1974 TOPPS

157 Vic Harris
269 Bob Johnson
393 Orlando Pena


23T Craig Robinson
43T Jim Wynn
51T Bob Heise
59T Ross Grimsley (7)
62T Bob Locker
63T Bill Sudakis (7)
73T Mike Marshall (5)
123T Nelson Briles
139T Aurelio Monteagudo (4)
151T Diego Segui
175T Reggie Cleveland (5)
182T Lindy McDaniel
186T Fred Scherman (3)
249T George Mitterwald
262T Ed Kirkpatrick (4)
269T Bob Johnson (3)
313T Barry Lersch
319T Randy Hundley (5)
348T Pete Richert (3)
373T John Curtis
390T Lou Piniella (2)
454T Kurt Bevacqua
486T Steve Stone (5)
516T Horacio Pina
538T Cesar Tovar
544T Ron Schueler
579T Cecil Upshaw
585T Merv Rettenmund
612T Luke Walker
616T Larry Gura (6)
618T Jim Mason
630T Tommie Agee (6)
649T Fernando Gonzalez (8)
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