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100 Greatest Players of All-Time


The 100 Greatest Players of All-Time is a list of my personal picks based upon each player's lifetime statistics and accomplishments. It is not a list of the "best", "most popular" or even, my favorite players but what I perceive to be the "greatest". I have devised a formula for calculating my list and you can view my formula by clicking on the link at the bottom of that page or by clicking here.

Each player's name on the list is a link to that particular player's Resume' page. Resume' pages are set up with a list of the teams the player has played for as well as the years he has played for each team. It chronologically lists each player's major career accomplishments, achievements and awards won. I have also included lifetime statistics. Current player's lifetime statistics change on a daily basis during the baseball season so rather than update the statistics every day, I will update them at the conclusion of the player's season. Achievements and awards will be added as they are accumulated.

The one regret that I have in compiling this list is the lack of records from the Negro Leagues thus leading to the exclusion of some great players who would otherwise most certainly be on this list.

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