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The Gallery


The Gallery is a showcase for my collection. It is meant to be a nostalgic look back at some of the greatest players in baseball history. The Gallery is arranged with the players listed alphabetically according to their current playing status with Current Players in the first column, Retired Players in the second column and Hall of Famers in the last two columns of the table.

Each player's Gallery page displays a card or an assortment of cards depicting that particular player during different stages and if applicable, with different teams during his career. All of the cards in the Gallery, creases and all, are from my personal collection and are not for sale although duplicates of some of the cards can be found listed in the Card Shop. Hold the cursor over a card for a complete description of that card.

At the bottom of each Gallery page are links to that player's page in the Card Shop where you can find a list of the cards of that player that I currently have for sale.

You will also find a link to that particular player's Resume' page. Resume' pages are set up with a list of the teams the player has played for as well as the years he has played for each team. It chronologically lists each player's major career accomplishments, achievements and awards won. I have also included lifetime statistics. Current player's lifetime statistics change on a daily basis during the baseball season so rather than update the statistics every day, I will update them at the conclusion of the player's season. Achievements and awards will be added as they are accumulated.

Each Gallery page also has a link to my list of The 100 Greatest Players of All-Time.

Individual Gallery pages may take longer to load as many of the cards were scanned at high resolution in order to make for a more attractive display.

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