Mike Mussina Gallery

New York Yankees    2001 - 2008

Baltimore Orioles    1991 - 2000

Mike Mussina won 7 Gold Glove Awards and was selected to the All-Star team 7 times. In 2019 he was elected to the Hall of Fame.

1991 Bowman1991 Leaf Gold Rookies1991 Ultra Update1992 Topps Debut '91

1991 Bowman

1991 Leaf Gold Rookies

1991 Ultra Update

1992 Topps Debut '91

1993 Pinnacle Team Pinnacle1993 Studio Superstars on Canvas1994 Finest Pre-Production1994 Score Dream Team

1993 Pinnacle Team Pinnacle

1993 Studio Superstars on Canvas

1994 Finest Pre-Production

1994 Score Dream Team

1995 Flair Today's Spotlight1996 Metal Universe Platinum1997 Donruss Limited Double Team1998 Topps Tek Pattern 7

1995 Flair Today's Spotlight

1996 Metal Universe Platinum

1997 Donruss Limited Double Team

1998 Topps Tek Pattern 7

1999 SkyBox Molten Metal Xplosion Metal Smiths1999 SkyBox Thunder Rant2000 Revolution Triple Header Silver2001 Donruss Baseball's Best Silver

1999 SkyBox Molten Metal Xplosion Metal Smiths

1999 SkyBox Thunder Rant

2000 Revolution Triple Header Silver

2001 Donruss Baseball's Best Silver

2002 Finest Refractors2003 Upper Deck Play Ball 1941 Series2004 Throwback Threads Century Stars2005 Upper Deck Trilogy

2002 Finest Refractors

2003 Upper Deck Play Ball 1941 Series

2004 Throwback Threads Century Stars

2005 Upper Deck Trilogy

2006 Fleer Smooth Leather2007 Topps Allen and Ginter Mini A and G Back2008 Upper Deck Documentary Gold2015 Stadium Club True Colors

2006 Fleer Smooth Leather

2007 Topps Allen and Ginter Mini A and G Back

2008 Upper Deck Documentary Gold

2015 Stadium Club True Colors

1995 Studio Gold Series Autographed1998 Crown Royale

1995 Studio Gold Series Autographed

1998 Crown Royale

2002 E-X Behind the Numbers2003 Ultra Gold Medallion

2002 E-X Behind the Numbers

2003 Ultra Gold Medallion


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